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Dec. 25th, 2025

Reese here. Keep it under a minute, or I'm hanging up.

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Welcome Back? ((Rp for 12yrs_life))

In the trunk of her car, Dani Reese carried the following: a spare tire with axel and crank, blankets, two flashlights, a highway safety kit, rope, a gym bag, holy water, an axe, and a shotgun with requisite rock-salt rounds.

She did not want to pin down an exact date for when those last three became common place in her life. Luckily, she was currently dodging green blasts of something, courtesy of a creature that was either a demon or an extra from a very messed up version of Sesame Street. So, no real time for thinking. Just shooting.

It’s not that she actively sought out cases featuring demons. That would have been ridiculous. It’s just that she was now, by default, the most knowledgeable person in the department about them. She knew when a case or a call for assistance sounded off. And she didn’t have a partner to weigh her down, so going to check things out didn’t mean she was risking anything.

Dodging another blast and flying away from a falling shelf, Dani grunted. This was going to take awhile, and she’d been hoping to get a jog in before it got too late. Annoying.

And What Remains ((RP with 12yrs_life))

((OOC: Takes place after this thread!

It always struck Dani as fucked up that out to the two of them, Charlie was the one who’d been to prison, when she was the partner who had committed actual felonies. But she’d had Karen on her side, she’d had her father’s reputation on her side, and those things were enough to keep her name out of papers and off the case reports.

Charlie hadn’t had anyone protecting him. Not anyone. But he did now. He had Dani, Ted, Stark, Tidwell. Even Karen had shown up for Charlie’s bail hearing, along with some of the other people in the office whose names Dani sometimes pretended to forget. He had a lot of people on his side.

But when visiting hours were over, he’d still been in that cell, alone. Dani didn’t know what that meant, or what that was going to mean.

He got bail. He got bail, and that was the important thing. And when the thing was called and people went off to the bar to celebrate, for some reason it was just Charlie and Dani left in the courtroom. She walked up to him with her arms crossed, not sure what to say.



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