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All I needed was a moment.

That's Zen, isn't it, Crews?

Det. Dani Reese, LAPD
14 March 1979
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Disclaimer: This is a character journal for Detective Dani Reese, LAPD, from NBC's Life. Journal is for fun RP/Prompt purposes only.

On Dani's Addictions:

Dani: Buy me a drink.
Married Man: Do I know you?
Dani: Does it matter?

Dani's Ex: [Upon finding out Dani's attending AA meetings] I thought it was drugs.
Dani: It was a lot of things.

Dani: What is it you wanna do, Rick? You wanna know me?
Rick Larson: Oh, I do. Know you. You’re in a world of pain.
Dani: [smiles] You don’t know pain.

Dani: You wanna know me? You never shot up in a room where a guy blew his head off, and you’re thinking you’re lucky because he didn’t get his brains in your dope. Or find yourself lying in a pool of puke and crap, only you didn’t care whose crap it was, because the whole time you’re thinking...you were so sick, all you wanted was to get off and get well. You knew that about me? You think you hit bottom, Rick? You have no idea how far down this goes, do you? You think you’re bad? You think you got a demon inside of you? You don’t even know what that means.

On Dating:

Dani's Ex: It didn't end right with us.
Dani: But it ended.

On Both:

Roman: How's that rehab working for you? Down time is the hardest. You have nothing to do. Your muscles get all twitchy. You can taste it in the back of your throat."
Dani: Shut up.
Roman: All the way down there in the back of your throat.
Dani: Shut your mouth.
Roman: Got hooked working undercover.
Dani: Shut your mouth.
Roman: Took a junkie lover too. Whatever happened to him?

On Charlie Crews:

Charlie: Every moment you spend wishing you were someplace else is a moment you can't get back.
Dani: What about every moment I spend wishing you were someplace else?
Charlie: It would hurt my feelings if I thought you meant it.

Charlie: About your dad.
Dani: Yeah, let me make this easy on you. I spent my childhood trying to figure out if my dad was only mean, or just plain bad. And you. I don’t really understand you. I don’t really like you. But you’re not one of the bad guys.